steps to sanity

4 Easy Steps To Sanity

4 Easy Steps To Sanity Summer vacations are all but over, schools are ramping back up, and fall is right around the corner. Anyone depressed yet? Well, if fall is in on your mind, then that probably means you’re thinking, like me, that it’s time to get everyone focused. If...

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Why Exercise Is Great For Kids

I hope our May blog series on why exercise is important for you, your work and your marriage has inspired you to make some positive changes. I can’t tell you enough how important it is to make exercise a regular part of your life. But there is one additional topic...

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Get Out There!

Life can get crazy at times. For those with school-aged kids, once school and activities really get cranking, life can get so busy it is hard to see past the end of our own noses. Even if you do not have kids, life can get out of control and all...

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