Centurion’s Watch invites you to help our network of American military families’ live extraordinary lives!

We have established sponsorship opportunities for organizations, churches and individuals to make a lasting impact in the lives of our American heroes. The sacrifices of American military families continue even today.

Families are still in crisis, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD) and various addictions are rampant; and many military families are facing uncertain futures due to recent draw-downs.

Your $99 sponsorship provides these American military families with hope and the resources they need to bring lasting change.

These families represent some of the best of what our country has to offer and they need the tools to help them become the best of what God intended for them.

Would you consider helping them in this journey?


Your annual sponsorship gives military families several valuable benefits, including opportunities to:

  • Gain special access and discounts to attend live and virtual family and marriage building conferences and webinars

  • Receive special alerts to learn about programs and resources available for military families through our military referral network, which provides legal, financial and faith based supportive programs

  • Become part of the ‘live a life worth living’ movement including receiving custom apparel to spread the message and show involvement

  • Subscription to Operation X which features subject matter experts providing invaluable insights and best practices for building strong military families

  • Connect with other military families through an online interactive community focused forum

  • Receive access to exclusive resources specifically created for military families

  • Build important relationships with Centurion’s Watch community of military focused organizations, businesses and churches

  • Strengthen family relationships through our inspiring communications network and personal coaching sessions