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How to Get Things Right in Your Marriage

Marriages fail, but yours doesn’t have to.  They fail because couples forget the value of having fun.  They allow the demands of life to get in the way of just taking a break now and then and having some fun together.

If you’ve ever seen the show Parks & Recreation, you might be familiar with their special holiday, “Treat Yourself,” celebrated annually by the characters in the show.  It is based on the idea that you set aside a day to enjoy yourself, just for the heck of it, as a reward for hard work.  You can use this same idea in your marriage and the results will surprise you.  How? Read on…..

First of all, we have to get this first point right.  Treating yourself is more fun if you’ve got a partner in crime – and there’s no better choice than your spouse.  After all, together you keep the rubber on the road, so to speak, the rest of the year.  So no one is more deserving to a special treat now and then, than the two of you.  It is your chance to balance the scales.

I have learned it’s better to plan these particular date nights ahead of time, if nothing more than to save some money if you’re trying to go big.  If you’re a stay at home parent, you may be lucky to get a shower by the end of the day so a “treat yourself” date night is a great excuse to shine yourself up a bit, get dressed up and go out on the town.  Some of my best date nights have been when we got all dressed up.

Normally, a lot of couples economize even when they eat out, skipping special places in favor of something cheaper, or going out for drinks or dessert but eating dinner at home.  Funds may be tight, I get that, but a “treat yourself” date night is not about that at all.  It’s about dining out at a spot you love, however much it may cost.

Don’t just stop with eating out; pick a fun activity.  By picking an activity both of you would enjoy, it is a great way for the two of you to create more opportunities to have some fun.  I have a good friend who frequently goes to indoor gun ranges and zip line courses with his wife.  He is always talking about how much fun they have together.  It’s no wonder why their marriage is doing so well.

Want a more relaxing and intimate setting, try a couple’s massage.  If you never had one, you should.  Most spas have couples’ packages available, which often includes snacks and even champagne.  You can remove the kinks in your back and in your marriage at the same time, what a great deal.

Hear me on this, when you get back home after you have treated yourselves, do your best to keep it going.  If you’re the kind of couple that gravitates toward comfy jammies and hot chocolate, or sexy lingerie and candles, the real world will be back soon enough.  This is your opportunity to take a break and treat yourselves.  Why – because you need it!  So enjoy each other’s company, and don’t you dare count calories or nickel and dime yourself out of a fun experience.  Your marriage is too important!


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