Fun Retro Date Ideas

Day-to-day life has a funny way of interfering with the important things–like marriage. One reason couples struggle is because they don’t have much fun together anymore. It’s not that they don’t have an idea of what would be fun, I just think they no longer make the time. It’s the last item on their to-do list. Honestly, this is sad and definitely not the best way to live. If you are going to make the effort to be married, why not do your best, no matter what season of life you are in, and start having some fun again? So, in this week’s blog, I am recommending some old-fashioned date ideas that wind back the clock to simpler times, to point you in the right direction.

Carnival Night

Whether it’s a school fundraiser or a larger outdoor event, a carnival is a great way to spend an evening. If you are the adventurous type you should try a little of everything–cakewalks and games, spinning rides that leave you breathless and laughing, cotton candy and kettle corn. All the ingredients are there for a wonderful date. If you haven’t been to a carnival since you were a kid, you should definitely try it. It’s as fun as you may remember. Just go light on the fried food!

Retro Restaurants

I know some couples who always go to the same restaurant on their date night. Can you say BORING? Do you also gravitate to the same restaurant on date nights? Here’s an interesting idea, go to a throwback destination instead. Most towns have a diner that’s popular with the locals, and there’s been a resurgence of locations that go all-out, complete with chrome, soda fountains, and jukeboxes. Another old-fashioned favorite worth checking out is a drive-in restaurant. Hang out in the car, find an oldies station on the radio, and have the food brought to you. There are whole websites devoted to rating diners and drive-in restaurants, so even if you don’t have a great one close by, you can make a day trip out of it and track one down!

Drive-In Movie

If dinner in your car is not enough, why not head for a drive-in movie? It is important to get there before dark so you can secure a great spot. Don’t be surprised if you see some people tossing around a Frisbee or football. For some drive-in locations, there’s a tailgating party atmosphere until the sun goes down. Now for the best part, when the stars come out, and the movie starts, cuddle up to your sweetheart and enjoy this American tradition.

Treat Shops

Got a sweet tooth? My thing is vanilla ice cream with Hershey’s chocolate syrup and crushed peanuts. I have loved this combination since I was a kid. What I like about this idea is that couples not only enjoy a wonderful treat, they can reminisce about all the sweet treats that were their favorites back when they were kids. A bonus is that some shops have a huge soda selection as well if that’s more your thing. You now won’t be surprised when I say that a local ice cream or custard shop is another fun place to go for dessert. Try ordering messy sundaes and eat outside in the warm spring weather. The best locations will have unusual choices you can’t usually get at the grocery store, and sometimes they have date night specials.

Kick Up Your Heels

If you’re in the mood to move, why not take a dance class? Learn to do the Lindy Hop, or take up Contra dancing. You can sign up for a class, but many night spots also teach lessons at the beginning of the evening to get everyone in the mood to dance. There are local clubs devoted to different styles of dance, too. While you might not think dancing is your thing, it’s a uniquely romantic date activity, so it’s the perfect way to fan the flames of passion in your marriage. Life’s too short not to try it at least once, right?

You might be surprised to discover how many fond memories you have of these sorts of activities, but they’re probably not recent, are they? That makes them then perfect for date nights. If these are things you did when you were dating, what better way to help rekindle some of the excitement in your relationship? If on the other hand, you haven’t done some of them since childhood, you and your spouse can share them for the first time, and share a fun adventure together.

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God Bless,

Doug Hedrick


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    Lisa Roberts says

    I always appreciate your insight!! Keep up the great job! Thank you for your continued service to those of us in military marriages!!!

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      cwatchadmin says

      THanks Lisa. I really appreciate your encouragement. Besides my weekly blog, anything else we could do or offer that would be helpful for your marriage?

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