Centurion’s Watch produces a national show called Live a Life Worth Living that empowers couples to build stronger marriages and in turn, become better leaders, stronger in their faith, and ultimately more successful in every aspect of life. 

The Story of Live a Life Worth Living

It is true that God will use what’s required to get our attention, especially for stubborn people like Doug Hedrick. Well, let’s say God spared no expense by sending Doug on the adventure of his lifetime to the war in Iraq, in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. It was during that year in Iraq that God got Doug’s attention and where Centurion’s Watch was ultimately birthed.

As an Army Chaplain, Doug orchestrated one of the most extensive humanitarian operations in Iraq, distributing over 10,000 pairs of shoes for Iraqi children that were donated from people around the world.  

During this time, he was also able to encourage soldiers from all walks of life. Many of them had families back home and were dealing with all of the difficulties that can arise when a marriage and a family are separated by military service.  

Doug had become known by the soldiers as the “live a life worth living guy" because, during his weekly services, he would routinely include this slogan at the end of his talks.  What started out as a simple slogan intended to inspire soldiers in carrying out their missions, quickly grew into a powerful tool soldiers were able to use to gain perspective in their darkest hours.  Doug was inspired by these soldiers and their commitment to each other, their families, their country, and for many, their Christian faith.

As he got to know the soldiers and their situations more, he realized that they also were in need of tools and support when they returned home—real support that could help them reconnect with their families, their faith, and themselves so that they could successfully get on with their lives.

These powerful experiences ignited a fire within him to want to do more, both for the challenges they faced then and the challenges they—and their families—surely would face when they returned home and got on with their lives.  He just didn’t know where to start. . .

A Clearer Vision of Ministry

A couple of years after returning home, the lightbulb in his head finally went off.  As Doug was praying in his hotel room prior to visiting one of his units, he was suddenly inspired to start a ministry that would bring hope to military families.  He made it his mission, if you will.  

Having been overseas and having seen a number of soldiers whose marriages were in trouble and needed help, Doug already felt that not enough was being done.  It finally became clear to him that because of his experiences with working with soldiers and their families who were in crisis and by learning how to overcome his own marriage and personal struggles, this new mission in life was no accident.  It was all part of God’s plan.  

So, with help from trusted friends and advisors, Doug began a new journey in his life that would soon restore hundreds of marriages and inspire many others to live a life worth living.  What started out as a nonprofit organization that focused primarily on helping struggling military couples has since grown into a global-reaching “virtual community” of military and civilian couples, business, civic and military leaders. We equip those who want to learn how they can live a life worth living in their own lives, families, units, workplace, church and communities—and to help others do the same.   

Centurion’s Watch started as a ministry that put on powerful marriage conferences for about thirty military couples and now reaches thousands each week through inspirational blogs, podcasts, annual retreats and charitable work that benefits military families in need.      

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Testimonials from those affected by Doug and the ministry of Centurion's Watch

“This is a fantastic reminder for couples, Doug!”

“This was a wonderful event. We really loved it. We learned spiritually how to connect, which is so very vital to stay intimate and close in a relationship [while not letting] outside factors tear you apart.”

“Great advice, Doug! Thank you for sharing your relationship strengthening tips.”

“We are newlyweds, and I feel like we have a very strong marriage at this point. But I feel like the seminar today has been able to give us the principles and the Godly content that we need to continue to grow our marriage and build on the strength we have at this point. It was very reaffirming for us.”

“Awesome! Great advice & so well written. You’ve found your calling.”

“Such great advice! Especially when you add kids into the mix… It’s so important to keep things fresh with your spouse! Sometimes the urgent needs of little people deplete the energy required to keep love alive! Blessings!”

“Many thanks, Doug. You KNOW this is pertinent to us because you’ve lived it yourself. That credibility is what makes your many insights so valuable to me, Brother.”

“Such great advice!”

“And as for my household, we will serve the Lord” Joshua 24:15 (NIV)