3 Cozy Date Night Ideas to Slow Down the Holiday Rush


The older I get the more I find myself fighting against the “busyness” of the Christmas holiday season.  On one hand I love all the traditions and events we do during December but on the other hand, I find myself wanting to slow down, take a deep breath and just enjoy not having to do much of anything. This struggle is especially true when it comes to finding time to stay connected as a couple through the holiday season – no easy task.  Even if you are the couple who is able to make regular date nights work, the tough holiday schedule and messy winter weather can sometimes put a damper on anyone’s best intentions.     

Here is a novel idea, how about staying in and planning a cozy evening at home instead!  Sound crazy?  You may think so but I have learned that date nights don’t have to be fancy to be fun.  In fact, keeping it simple can help you focus on the most important thing about a date night, reconnecting and having fun together.    

So if taking your relationship to a new level interests you, here are 3 cozy day night ideas that will slow down your holiday rush and help you enjoy being with the one you love the most.

Meal Delivery Over Candlelight

Whether you wait until the kids go to bed (that’s us) or you take your kids to Grandma’s for the night, you two can enjoy a hassle-free meal in front of candlelight. This fun date night can be a regular monthly thing—and you can each take turns ordering the meal and setting up the space for romance.

If it’s your turn to order, do everything with the idea of serving your partner with a little romance. What meal does your partner like? What music? Creating a thoughtful scene—even if it’s in your own bedroom—can set the night up for romance.  Remember to consider what they would consider romantic, not just you (I’ve made this mistake more than once). 

Play Q&A

Even though we probably see our spouse every day, we may not have deeper conversations that reveal their biggest hopes and dreams.  Keeping connected to our partners means taking some time and listening to what makes them tick.

You’ll probably be surprised by some of the answers, and that’s the fun part!

Here are a few to get you started, but each of you can write your own list of questions and bring them to date night to maximize engagement.

  1. List 5 random facts about yourself that most people don’t know.
  2. What is your biggest challenge this coming year?
  3. What is one thing you would like me to do more of?

Movies and Ice Cream Tasting

The night hasn’t already begun, but you’re probably already smiling thinking about it. Choose a theme night to enjoy a favorite series you’ve both been waiting to check out, or choose a list of movies from your favorite genre—but don’t get started until you have brought the ice cream and plenty of blankets to snuggle up with when you both get chilled.

Choose several flavors you know you’ll both love—and a few you aren’t sure about just to keep it interesting—and get ready to queue up a cozy night you’ll want to repeat even when the weather gets warmer.

What is your favorite cold-weather date night idea? Tell us in the comments and share.

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    Paul Norton says

    I get the fireplace lit, spread blankets out on the couch, go thru the Xfinity On Demand movie list or have my honey do that, we make theater-style popcorn & a fav beverage, then snuggle thru a good movie and end up falling asleep on the couch later, wrapped into a pretzel together .

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      cwatchadmin says

      Nice Paul. Us simple folks call that pretzel action spooning. Appreciate your comments.

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